Friday, October 22, 2010

New Terminal Opening at the San Antonio International Airport

The new terminal is opening at the San Antonio Airport this week.  Terminal B, as it is being called, cost $108 million and will begin serving passengers next month.  The goal is to have final certifications complete and security checks done before Thanksgiving, when holiday travel hits high gear.

Terminal B replaces an aging 1950's era building that was last upgraded in the 1960's for Hemisfair '68.  The 251,000-square-foot structure is the crowning piece of a $635 million capital program at the airport that has created more long-term parking, doubled the facility's vehicle-carrying capacity with a bi-level roadway and improved other features, including its baggage-handling and screening system.  San Antonio hopes the new Terminal B at International Airport will have an oversized impact on both travelers and the city's aviation future.