Sunday, November 1, 2009

Sellers, can a home be TOO clean?

In short, no.  If your home is on the market, it should be CLEAN!  A home that is clean and neat on the interior sells faster and for more money than a home that is not.  And that's the plain and simple truth.  So if you are selling your home, don't forget...
  • Clean light switch plates and trim around the doors.

  • Clean carpets and remove all spots (or replace).

  • Get rid of cobwebs and dust in corners, ceilings, baseboards and around light fixtures.

  • Wipe hand prints off walls, doors and mirrors.

  • Make sure tile and vinyl floors are washed and shiny clean.

  • Kitchen counters and sink should be clean and clear.

  • Bathroom sinks, counters and toilet should be clean and smell fresh.

  •  Re-caulk around bathtubs, re-grout showers as necessary to look clean.

  • Clean windows and make them sparkle! (Open the drapes and let the light in.)

  • Clean the stove and oven.  Buyers don't want to clean up your mess! 

If you've done all these items, and you still have a little time and energy left, look at your closets and garage.  The more you straighten them, the better a buyer can picture their own things in your house.  To get top dollar for your home, cleanliness is godliness!

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