Monday, February 1, 2010

Sellers Beware! Top 10 Ways to Turn off A Homebuyer!

We work with both sellers and buyers, and see a lot of San Antonio homes.  Some are ready to be on the market, and others not so much.  Sometimes it is hard to communicate to sellers what it takes for a home to be ready for prime time!  This list from Jay McDonald, 10 Ways to Turn off a Homebuyer, says it very well.

10 Ways to Turn off A Homebuyer....

  • Dirt  Cleanliness IS Godliness!  No one want to buy your dirty home and have to clean it!
  • Odors  Smoke odors or pet odors make buyers walk right back out the door!
  • Old fixtures  You didn't replace them because it cost so much, why should the buyers want to do it?
  • Wallpaper  A big no, at least at the present time.  Buyers don't want it -- take it down!
  • Popcorn acoustic ceilings  Can be removed, but it's a messy job.  Younger buyers hate it!
  • Too many personal items  You're not selling your family or possessions, just your home!
  • Snoopy sellers  When the home is being shown, LEAVE the HOUSE!
  • Misrepresenting your home  If buyers are expecting too much, they'll be disappointed and won't buy your home.
  • Poor curb appeal  Preparing the outside of the home is just as important as preparing the inside, maybe even more crucial!
  • Clutter  Piles of clutter tell the buyer that the home is TOO SMALL.  Ditch the clutter and organize the home's contents to emphasize the existing storage.

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  1. That is such a great bit of information! I cant tell you how many homes I have toured that were filthy!

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