Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Top High Schools in San Antonio Area

Top 10 High Schools in Greater San Antonio Area

1. Health Careers High (Northside ISD)

2. International School of the Americas (North East ISD)

3. Alamo Heights High (Alamo Heights ISD)

4. Reagan High (North East ISD)

5. D’Hanis School (D’Hanis ISD)

6. Winston Churchill High (North East ISD)

7. Medina High (Medina ISD)

8. Sandra Day O’Connor High (Northside ISD)

9. Medina Valley High (Medina Valley ISD)

10. Clark High (Northside ISD)
A group called “Children At Risk” evaluated and ranked 57 high schools, 101 middle schools, and 257 elementary schools in Greater San Antonio.  Children At Risk ranks high schools based on factors like graduation rate, participation in advanced coursework, and performance on college entrance exams. 
Congratulations to these fine schools and their students and faculties on a job well done!

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